To the left of  the "hmt" wording you see
the Indian (Hindi) writing. I had been working in India for a couple of times and I have always tried to pick-up some of the local language. A friend pointed me to a good book on how to start writing Hindi. The alphabet itself is not that difficult, however the pronunciation seemed very complex to me. I also realized that the real difficulty in learning the Hindi alphabet is to learn the - ca. 600 - combinations of letters. With my very limited knowledge about Hindi, I can only assume that over the centuries, often used letter combinations were given a new combined (and simpler) writing. At that point I realized that memorizing all these combined letters makes probably only sense if you leave in India and have a much more profound exposure to the language.
I like the simple yet concise instructions. I had to google "naphtaline fumes" (which is today obviously rather written as naphtalene) and found that it is used for mothballs. Interesting that hmt put hat warning into their manuals.