Zenith, Switzerland
Today part of the LVMH group

Zenith El Primero in Steel
bought ca. 1992 in Zurich (new photos 2005)
Front and Story Wrist and Story Front Dial Bezel Top Back Clasp
Zenith El Primero Steel, ca. 1992, continued
Wrist 1 Wrist 2 Wrist 3



Zenith El Primero gold-plated with leaf hands
 bought 2002 in Italy (new photos 2005)
View 1 and Story View 2 Back Front Closer Hands Top Stamp


Zenith El Primero, bought 2002, continued
Front Side Front Side Back Buckle Wrist 1 Wrist 2 Wrist 3

Zenith Port Royal Chronograph
 Caliber 400Z, bought 2006 in my home town
Front and Story Dial Back Full Back Movementt Clasp Wrist 1 Wrist 2
Zenith Port Royal Chronograph
additional pictures
Wrist Side Outer Box Inner Box WIS looks... With Benchmade
Osborne D2
(3 pics)
With Benchmade
Osborne D2
With Benchmade
Osborne D2
Zenith Port Royal Chronograph
Partial disassembly looking for a rotor screw
Back Removed Rotor removed El Primero
Cal. 400Z
Balance and Escapement
Dial Side Parts Layout Partial Layout Parts Packed