Port Royal Chrono, ca. 2003,
A gift for the 50th Birthday

If I am not completely wrong...
Then this design is from the "before LVMH" days. It's simplicity and timeless lines certainly suggest so. If you look at most of the 2006 collection, then you will certainly see what I mean. One cannot argue about taste, but I do not like holes in dials exposing movement parts. I am not even sure I wanted to see my Tourbillion which will probably always be missing in my collection.
I had compared this 2003 model with the current Chronomaster and noticed that the rotor decoration of the newer watches is simpler. It is also very nice, but certainly less detailed. There are however more blued screws. I did not have too much time to look and find all the differences of an older and the latest caliber 400. The current Chronomaster shows the caliber 410 because it features one of the most beautifully and discretely positioned moon phase in the upper half of the sub dial of the hour counter.