Port Royal Chrono, ca. 2003,
A gift for the 50th Birthday

Want to see a WIS smile?
Easy! Just give him a nice watch ;-)
The picture taken just minutes after the purchase in the oldest restaurant in my home town from the 16th century. The restaurants is in one of the buildings surrounding the cathedral of Chur, locally known as "The Hof" (engl. court yard). I am also smiling because before me was a plate with "Capuns", a specialty from my home Canton. Imagine a dumpling with small salami pieces or lard wrapped in Swiss chard. Comes with a sauce or bouillon or a thicker sauce depending on the recipe's origin and is normally served with backed bacon bits and Parmesan cheese. Yes, you guessed right, I love to eat :) The watch with its domed thick sapphire crystal and white dial was facing the window, so you only see a white spot on the picture below. But you can clearly see what "Capuns" is and I can tell you, it tastes better then it looks ;-)