Port Royal Chrono, ca. 2003,
A gift for the 50th Birthday

A picture with the Benchmade Osborne AL w/G10

Benchmade Osborne D2
A generous Xmas 2005 gift from a fellow PMWfer! It arrived together with a nice blue box that was perfect for Bergeon 5700Z parts and my daughter also got the same box but with a furry cover and a pink Victorinox and a small Maglite. She really loved all three items and was very proud to be able to use her own knife for the first time without being afraid. Thanks again Ken, that was a great Xmas surprise even we only received it on May 21st 2006. And maybe because of so much anticipation and guessing what might be inside, we were so excited and still are!

Perfect! Now all my extra parts for the 5700Z opener are very well accomodated!

A quick shot from the arrival day!