Port Royal Chrono, ca. 2003,
A gift for the 50th Birthday

Since the movement did not run with the balance in place, the logic was...
To search for the last rotor screw somewhere near the balance wheel and or escapement. My hopes ran high, when I spotted the third screw just behind the balance wheel on the escape wheel. Carefully - so I thought - I tried to grip the screw with my Nr. 4 tweezers. I slipped and flicked the screw into the innards of the caliber... !@#$%^&*()
I had missed my only chance
to fix this problem on my own. After removing the balance and the escapement to get a better look inside the "cavity", there was no sign at all of the third rotor screw. Also turning the movement in different directions, hoping that the lost screw would fall out, did not help. The screw is locked somewhere inside the movement and I had blown my chance. At this point I decided not to continue. I had never worked on the Caliber 400Z and this movement is far too beautiful to be exposed to my amateurish craftsmanship. However before I decided to pack up all the parts, I suddenly thought, well, the screw might be visible if I removed the hands and dial.