El Primero, 1992

Shot taken in Bangkok, April 2003

Tommy T.S.
Always says this watch reminds him of the Rolex Daytona. He even assumed that Rolex would let Zenith "borrow" their Daytona design. Of course there were links between Zenith and Rolex, since Zenith was supplying the El Primero, Cal. 400 movements for Rolex's Daytona until ca. 2001. Rolex reduced the beat of the El Primero, the first chronograph with 36'000 bph able to measure 1/10th of a second to 28'800 bph. Rolex made also other modifications to the Cal. 400 in order to increase its shock resistance. In 2002 the Daytonas were released with an entirely new in-house Rolex movement. One can optically differentiate between the old and the new Daytonas looking at the centers of the subdials. The new Daytona movement's sub dials are slightly higher then the center pinion, while the El Primero's axes are aligned.