Casio Baby G "Precious Heart" BGA-122C-7BDR, Nov. 2010

New Bracelet with ALL SPRING-BARS!
A bit hard to see the arrow on the inside of the bracelet pointing to the right. But in fact, you do not need the arrow's direction at all. All the bracelet links are connected via spring-bars. PLEASE DO NOT USE A BRACELET SIZING TOOL! Use a simple pin pusher or a straightened paper-clip. If you use too much force, you will damage the spring inside the spring-bar. The middle white parts are resin, the rest of the bracelet is stainless steel. The watch case is a stainless steel front, resin, steel back sandwich.

Casio has obviously realized that more and more people buy watches online and need to resize them themselves. From this point of view, using all spring-bars (instead of split pins) makes sense. However, this bracelet will not hold up to the same tension or torsion of a bracelet that uses split pins or pins with collars. For civilian use it is of course perfect. I just felt I should add this information for you very active sports people or service men or women.