O-Ring Assortments and Silicon Grease

3 Types of O-Rings from left to right: O-shaped thick, O-shaped thin, square cross section gasket rings

A Must if you are into Vintage Watches!

Cost per assortment around USD 8, 100 rings of different sizes and shapes per assortment. Swiss Made. Silicon Grease is a local product and really inexpensive, around USD 3 for a jar that will last a long time. Keep that jar close in order to keep the grease greasy, if you leave that jar open, you will have a block of Silicon soon. Also keep the O-ring assortments within their original Zip-lock bag, latex tends to dry out, the hotter the climate, the faster the dehydration

Important Note regarding Size of O-Rings

Please note, those assortments go to 32 mm diameter only, a diameter that was sufficient until the big watch craze really took off. If you have a 44 mm watch (measured without crown), your gasket ring diameter will most likely be around 38 mm. For the 34 mm vintage Omega in the picture, the matching ring was 32 mm diameter. In any case, you should bring the watch to the parts shop in order to see if at least one ring of an assortment fits.