Plastic Tweezers, Opener

Plastic Tweezers
For handling batteries (avoiding a short circuit while using metal tweezers). I always prefer them when working with quartz watches. Many quartz watches feature relatively soft plastic parts and plastic spacers, working with these tweezers will prevent leaving marks. I also use them with mechanical watches if there are highly polished parts, dials, hands and so on. Basically whenever I feel I could leave marks on parts. If parts get small, then of course brass tweezers are a better choice.

Bergeon  Watch Case Opener Nr. 4755 in lever form
Another tool I should have bought years ago. The prize of ca. USD 20 (2006) for this very simple tool seems high. But this is today my favorite tool to open snap-on cases as they are often found in quartz watches. Why do I like this one so much? Because for an amateur or hobbyist that does not open watches on a daily basis, the 4755 is relatively easy to use. Protect the area where the heel is placed, insert the tip blade into the groove (most snap-on case backs have one) and then open the case with this lever. The relatively long grip gives you enough torque to also open tight sitting case backs.
I have seen professionals using the case opener knife with amazing grace. The case opener knife normally has a blunt opening blade and a sharp cutting blade. Trained professionals dare to use the cutting blade if the blunt opening blade is too thick to fit into the groove. I just do not have enough training to use the cutting blade effectively. Lately I have use sandpaper on the cutting blade in order to use it as a thinner opening blade. The one problem I always seem to have with the opener knife is that the small handle does not really allow for a lot of torque.

Update 9th November 2013
The Bergeon opener Nr. 4755 is out of production. It has been replaced by the opener Nr. 6484 (picture from Bergeon website). The new opener 6484 has an additional blade on the side and is an improvement over the 4755.

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