New Watch Tools July 2002

The Indian type Case Press
Also saved me some money. According to Rob, he is using the exactly same press, this quite inexpensive press (ca. USD 18 including all the white insets at the time of writing) does an equally good job as a much more expensive press for the simple repair and service work I am planning to use it for. The white pads can also be used to insert a crystal into the case. The crystal is squeezed with a smaller disk while laying in a larger disk and then becomes more convex and can be inserted into the case.
The little movement holder made in Switzerland costs almost the same as the press. But this is a tool that better be precise, because it would be disastrous to have the movement jump out of its grip while working on it. That was the great help Rob's experience could offer: where to save and go with the less expensive tools made in India or Taiwan or Korea and where to go for the more expensive tools Made in Switzerland or Japan or Germany.