Modified mini Victorinox Knife for Snap-On Case Backs

This modified mini Victorinox Knife
Has become one of my favorite openers for small Ladies Quartz Watches. My watch tutor had the idea to modify this knife when we encountered some difficult to open watch cases after a flea market excursion.
What makes the difference to the Meikosha "MKS" opener (with similar properties) is that it's grip is thinner and flatter. Therefore one can not apply the high force possible with the MKS opener. Which can be an advantage, because one cannot accidentally drive the opener into the watch case when slipping. When some of my wife's Quartz watches (that I had not opened before) needed battery replacement, I remembered having this opener and it came very handy.
Opening snap-on watch cases is probably something very personal and every one has his trick tools. I am adding these pictures here, because this little knife has helped me to avoid opening marks on very small watch cases with very thin opening groves.
Of course this little knife has a regular blade too. I had taken a bit off the edge with a water stone. Thus despite it's really small size, the knife offers 2 openers that might come handy if you are dealing with really small watch cases, e.g. those found in so called "bracelet watches".

This is a really small knife, overall length is barely 4 inches or 10 cm

The detail view of the nail file tip

This is the other side of the same blade. Originally it was a screw driver tip that has now been filed down just a little

Here you see the way the tip is filed down on both sides. After filing, the now too sharp edge of the tip had been slightly blunted with a water stone

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