Elma Transsonic T310 - UItra-sonic Cleaning Machine

There are cheaper Solutions for Ultra-sonic Washing Machines
e.g. a Jeweler's washing machine, a brand from Taiwan, Leo, costs only about a fourth of this Elma Transsonic T310. But since I could not find one in Bangkok, and believe me, I tried very hard, I finally went for this more "luxurious" machine with a chrome steel casing. The Leo washing machine comes with a plastic case. And sometimes I am just a bit worried in this hot Thai climate, plastic parts seem to be able to change their shape considerably here.

This machine costs ca. USD 290 (THB 12'500, I was told it was the last machine at the old price from the late 90ies!) here in Bangkok after a small discount. The machine comes with no baskets, but two ordinary tea filters do the job, those cost ca. USD 0.90 per piece. I removed the handles and filed off a bit of the frame (black marks on the baskets) and now the baskets sit nicely just above the bottom of the tank and are resting stable in the tank. It is important that those baskets are not sitting on the tank's surface, because the ultra-sonic vibration might cause scratching the tank's surface.
Another solution might have been to use the tea filter's handles and bend them to hooks and then just hang the baskets into the tank. But I found this solution more elegant and it was also a good occasion to practice filing :-)