3rd Batch of Watch Tools February 2003

The Lifter and its base (are sold as set)

The Base is used to grip the crystal perpendicularly and to make sure one gets a clearance (basically the thickness of the steel plate of the base) that allows to insert the crystal into the case

The Toolkit in action on a Seiko vintage

A bit closer, the lifter is now firmly gripping the acrylic crystal. I have to add, this first "victim" was not suitable, the acrylic crystal on this mid-size vintage Seiko from the 70ies was too thick and not flexible enough. Thus this would clearly require to work with the case press and the dies supplied with it. I decided to leave that crystal in, since even a very firm closing of the Gripping Tool did not "bend" the crystal at all and thus I had no chance to lift it out with this tool.

Crystal Lifting Tool for Acrylic Crystals
Very handy to give vintage watches a new look! Not very easy to use, you better have some spare acrylic crystals at hand. The good news is, that acrylic crystals do not cost too much.