3rd Batch of Watch Tools February 2003

The Swiss Made Crown Button Gripping Tool, a Button, a Stem and the China Made Stem Gripping Tool

The Tools gripping the parts

Inserting the stem into the button

The crown sits now firmly on the stem. These tools make sure, you get a nice grip on the parts involved. Additionally you could apply a bit of Loctite to secure the crown button on the stem. If crown and stem are new, this is not really necessary in my opinon, this set here fitted nicely and firmly so I did not add any Loctite glue. Loctite 222 is a special glue that allows to connect threads safely. I will always add Loctite 222 to used crowns and stems, since it guarantees for a secure thread lock. There are few more annoying situations for a WIS then when a crown button disappearing in a gulley when you are traveling ;-) Or disappearing in a soup bowl at a WIS meeting where you wanted to flash your Vintage handwind :)