4th Batch of Tools - Matt. V.'s "fault"

The text in the image says it all, no further comment needed, except, please be careful with the tip of the oiler. The set comes with a little green rubber piece inserted just behind the screw. That makes sure the very thin and fragile tip of the oiler is stored withing its guiding tube. I have removed that little green securing rubber for the picture, but if you are not placing the oiler kit on the table and just put it back into the yellow paper box, then I think it makes sense to secure the tip.

This is Matt V.'s "fault" - at least partially

Matt had posted the Bergeon Opener Nr. 2533 (please remember this number! This will be the best spend USD 10 in your watch tools career!) and the oiler (please see the PMWF Archive for a very detailed usage instruction). And the screw driver stand was something I dearly needed, since I had bought the Bergeon set Nr. 5410 in the famous yellow paper box. Now finally the Chinese made the matching aluminum stand. I also used a puncher to engrave the colors underneath the dimension. I am not using them on a daily basis, so I do not normally remember all those colors by heart. But with the engraving on the stand it is fairly easy and straight forward.

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