Cyclops and Glue

Cyclops in different sizes and Seiko S-310 Two Component Adhesive

Feeling like customizing your watches?
Or maybe you regret already that you took off that cyclop of your Submariner? Not really a problem. Cyclops go for about USD 1 per piece and come in different sizes and Glue will put you off about USD 7.

How to remove a Cyclops?
There had been different posts on PMWF and you will still be able to find them with the Search function. Basically the following methods have been tried (successfully):

Please note, do not attempt to remove Cyclops from acrylic Crystals, I think that this would leave marks on the acrylic Crystal. It is easier to replace the acrylic Crystal.

Hint on how to make alignment of the Cyclops easier
Simple: use a short stick of pegwood, pop a bit of RODICO on it and you have the perfect holder to precisely guide your Cyclops down to the Crystal.

Note on acrylic crystals
Acrylic crystals start to deform if the temperature exceeds 60 degrees Celsius. If you work on acrylic crystals make sure you have an accurate way of keeping track of the temperature!
According to my experience, Acetone and Lighter Fuel are able to dissolve acrylic crystals when those liquids are left in contact with the acrylics for a long time: therefore be very cautious about using them on acrylic crystals.