Meikosha Opener Art. 19400, Made in Japan

I immediately liked this Meikosha Opener after I used it for the first time. Of course we all have our preferences and the same tool might perform as well in somebody other's hands. I found this opener very well made and very easy to use.

Notes about the use of the Meikosha Opener

  1. Adjust the wrench to fit two opposite slots in the case back with the turning ring in the middle of the opener. Then tighten this position with the turning nut on the outside (next to my copyright mark).

  2. Hold the watch in your left palm first or place it on the movement pad and try to turn counter clock-wise.

  3. If the case back sits too tight, you will have to fix the watch case with the watch case holder.

  4. Once the watch case is securely fixed, try to turn the case opener counter clock-wise

  5. If the case back sits too tight, consult a watchmaker with a professional case opener/case press. Be reasonable and do not take unnecessary risks.

The SANDOZ Submariner-like back is a watch case back the Meikosha 19400 is idea for:

The wider bits of the Meikosha opener are better for polygonal case backs, but still, the ideal tool is the Bergeon 5338-1 F. The Meikosha does a better job on polygonal case backs then the China Made opener with the black handle, but still, if the watch backs sits very tight, the Bergeon is the better choice. With openers having only two bits, there is always the risk to slip off!

A Double Rhomb case back with a 14 edge polygonal case back