China Made Case Openers

I found these openers in Hong Kong and found their prices too good to pass. With the necessary precaution those case openers can do the job and I added them to my Watch Accessories sales pages for one simple reason: if you do not want to spend a lot of money on tools that you know you are rarely going to use, then these openers might just be the right thing.

Notes about the use of those China Made openers

  1. Adjust the wrench to fit two opposite slots in the case back. Tighten the wrench.

  2. Hold the watch in your left palm first or place it on the movement pad and try to turn counter clock-wise.

  3. If the watch back does not move, consider putting it into a case holder or ask your wife/partner/girlfriend/children to hold the watch for you. Please do not get mad at them if the watch case moves and you slip and leave ugly marks... the simple insurance against this is the watch case holder, it is not that expensive and will save you a lot of hassles doing various watch works.

  4. Once the watch case is securely fixed, try to turn the case opener counter clock-wise

The SANDOZ Submariner-like back is a watch case back these China Made openers are ideal for.

The wider bits of the Steel case opener can open Polygonal Case Backs. But if the case back sits tight, please use a Bergeon 5338-1 F instead! The wider bits are not wide enough to distribute the pressure onto the edges sufficiently if the case back sits too tight and you will leave ugly marks.

A Double Rhomb case back with a 14 edge polygonal case back