Bergeon 5700Z and the fast mounting vice

The fast mounting sledge (Bergeon calls it simply vice) is one of the accessories you are going to want most likely. The advantage is that you can quickly fix most watches without taking off the strap or bracelet. Note, the bracelet needs to be opened, normally I just open the bracelets at the clasp by loosening one spring bar and then I protect the bracelet surfaces with scotch tape to prevent scratching by the knurled wheels of the sledge (Wheel Nr. 1 on the How To page)

Be careful and check whether a rotating bezel, chronograph pushers or the crown (especially if it located at 4 or 8 o'clock) are getting pressure when you close the knurled wheels of the vice! This is the risky part of using this fast tightening device, you can easily damage a pusher, deform the bezel or even bend a crown stem if you are not careful. You can see that the 4 grey poles of the sledge have a flat area (on the right front pin), use this flat area to avoid squeezing rotating bezels. Hint: I always watch with a loupe while closing the vice and check whether any protruding parts get pressures from the closing pins. On some chronographs I simply pushed in the chronograph buttons when closing the sledge until the pressure of the pins was laying on the case or on the pusher guards. Again, with this method there is still the risk that you are damaging the pushers or their springs.