How to use the Bergeon 5700Z

This upfront, the picture looks a lot more complicated then the use is in reality. I just tried to give you a sequence here so get an idea how this opener works.

How to use it safely

Step 1
Mount the watch in the sledge or vice and then tighten vice wheel nr. 1. Make sure you have read the notes on this page before you proceed. Make sure the watch is secured tightly and is able to withstand the torque you will be applying by turning the big handwheel without slipping. Yes, you can scratch your case back with this opener, and the scratches might be even worse then by using a handheld opener. Thus make sure the watch is properly secured.

Step 2
I always wear a loupe while checking the horizontal distance between the bits. Lower the bits holder by pressing on the handwheel (not in picture) and hold it so it barely touches the case back. Now close the distance between the horizontal bits by turning bit holder wheel 2 but do not tighten wheel nr. 2 or nr. 4 yet.

Step 3
Lower the bit holder again, hold it down with your left hand so it just touches the case back. Of course now you make sure the bits align with the slots or holes on the case back. Tighten the big wheel nr. 3 that fixes the vertical position of the bits holder on the case back.

Step 4
Check whether the bits are correctly inserted in their slots, holes or grooves. Eventually adjust the horizontal position again with wheel nr. 2. Then lock the bits with wheels nr. 4. Check the vertical position once more (wheel nr. 3) and start turning the big hand wheel (not in picture).

Step 5
It is very important that you loosen wheel nr. 2 and nr. 4 on the bit holder before you start lifting the bit holder off the case back! I normally keep the hand wheel pressed down and quickly turn wheel nr. 3 and then careful let the spring lift the bit holder.


Shortcut and Warning!

After you get used to the opener, you might shortcut the procedure. After a bit of practice you might simply combine steps 2 to 4 into one step. I will however not take any responsibility if you scratched your case back using this method. I had noticed that once the horizontal distance between the bits is adjusted correctly one could simply start turning the hand wheel without tightening the bits (step 4) or fixing the big horizontal wheel (step 3 and 4). Step 1 however can never be shortcut! If the watch is not well secured, disaster will be waiting around the corner!