Bergeon 5537 with 6 dies
No 0 = 18.5 mm
No 1 = 20.20 mm
No 2 = 22.50 mm
No 3 = 26.50 mm
No 4 = 28.30 mm
No 5 = 29.50 mm

When I opened my first Tudor, I used a "copy version" of this Bergeon tool and was not satisfied at all. The "copy" version had black coated dies and the grooves were not sharp and the grip on the case back was not good at all, slipping was intrinsic to that type of Indian copy of this Bergeon tool. How much easier it was to use the Bergeon tool ... sometimes one has to go with the more expensive tools. But of course, it is always your personal decision. I just provide this information as a guideline to your eventual purchases.

The set 5537 with 6 dies

The dies have nice and sharp grooves and make opening Tudors and Rolex a pleasure

The handle with a snapped-on die Nr. 4

The opener with die Nr. 4 as it will be placed onto the watch case back

Notes about the use of the Bergeon 5537

  1. Select the appropriate die by placing the die only carefully to the watch back

  2. Snap the matching die onto the handle

  3. Hold the watch in your left palm or press it on the movement pad first and try to turn counter clock-wise.

  4. If the case back sits too tight, you will have to fix the watch case with the watch case holder.

  5. Once the watch case is securely fixed, try to turn the case opener counter clock-wise

  6. If the case back sits too tight, consult a watchmaker with a professional case opener/case press. Be reasonable and do not take unnecessary risks.

A vintage Tudor case back that opened like butter using the 5537