The Watchmaker's Knife

Yes, I own the Spring bar Tool 6110 too, but I prefer this one
I find the spring bar tool on the watchmaker's knife a lot easier to use then the one on the spring bar tool 6110. The watchmaker's knife tool handle is thinner and has a better grip then the 6110 plus the fork of the knife's tools is sharper too. This is maybe just my imagination, but since I have bought my watchmaker's knife, the 6110 has mostly been idle

The Watchmaker's Knife is the ideal Travel Companion
if you travel with check-in luggage. You can still carry your watchmaker's knife if you have carry-on luggage only, but you will have to check-in the knife. I do not know about the rest of the world, but in Bangkok's and Hong Kong's airport that is fairly easy and reliable. Even the procedures of picking-up those security items are slightly different at the mentioned airports, it was easy to get the items back and did not require much waiting time.