Overview of my Watch Tools

In August 2002 Rob B. started teaching me watch making basics. We stripped and reassembled several watches already, cleaned and oiled them and reassembled them. And I have to say, the world inside the watch cases is a really fascinating one. I am glad I made that step towards the innards of the watches. My first solo tour was a bit more adventurous. In August 1989, I disassembled a Valjoux 72 chronograph movement (with a quite minimalist tool kit) in 3 hours and it took me 9 hours to put it back together. Well, that was more like an intellectual challenge. And it was great fun. However putting that movement back together proved so much more difficult, that it took me several more years to get back in the mood to do it again.

The secret to successfully working with watches is practice, practice and more practice. And as strange as it may sound, mishaps often offer big learning leap. After having bent an hour hand of a Titoni Cosmo King out of shape, I really became more careful and after a couple of watches, I felt a lot more confident about replacing hands. Being an autodidact involves quite a bit of risks for the watches. Thus it is self explanatory that should start with a "cheap" patient to start acquiring the necessary skills to move on to more precious members of your collection. Another secret of watch repairing is patience and no stress. The professionals that have to work day after day under different work loads do not always have the luxury of putting a piece aside and sleep over the problem of eg. opening that immensely tight sitting snap-on case back. After having made a couple of mistakes, I now always put my work aside and sleep over it. The next day, the problem looks often smaller. In addition, if you make a break, you could always consult your online watch friends on a forum.

With the generous help of Tony from Nam Hing (Hong Kong), we have put together a starter watch tool kit at a great price for those of you that are adventurous enough! . The kit contains the essential tools to get you a jump start into the fascinating innards of watches! If you buy the tool kit together with a watch from PMWC, you even get a USD 15 discount on the tool kit leaving it at USD 64 only!

You can find the starter watch tool kit and lots of other watch accessories here. In addition, the "Poor Man's" Watch Corner - PMWC - is able to source about any imaginable watch tool for you.

Watch tools from PMWC - the link opens in a new window

Tools for Mechanical Watches
Tools for Quartz Watches are here

Below is more or less a chronological list of the watch tools I have acquired over the years. As you can see, I bought quite a few redundant tools. Especially the case opener section is very redundant, in fact it grew so big, that I placed the openers on a separate page. Had I purchased the professional Bergeon 5700Z opener (at ca. USD 500 - you understand my initial hesitation) in the very beginning, my collection of case openers would have been a lot smaller.

Please follow these links for Spare Movements, Loupes, Bracelet Sizing Tools and Case Openers. You will find them on separate pages

Layout of my Watch Tools March 1988 Second Batch of Watch Tools bought in July 2002
Hands Lifting Tools and Pincers Chronograph Wheel Removers Case Press Finger Cots Elma T310
Cleaning Machine)
Some watch tools make great toys too
Another larger batch of tools added February 2003 Third Batch of Watch Tools bought in February 2003 (Details)
Springs, Case clamps and Case Screws Crown Buttons and Stems and Tubes 4 pictures on "How to use Crown Button and Stem Tools" 4 pictures on "How to Use the Crystal Lifter"
Fourth Batch motivated by fellow PMWFer Matt V. 5th Batch: Crystals 6th Batch:
Threading Tool and Pins
7th Batch:
Sharpening Stones
China Made Screw Driver Stand, Bergeon Oiler Nr. 2720 and Opener Nr. 2533 Crystals 210 - 350
Acrylic and 210 - 320 Mineral
MKS Threading Set (Screw Plate) with a set of different pins in diameters 0.8 - 1.2 mm Different kinds of sharpening stones to complete my existing few and a  screw head slot file plus some Quartz crystals. And last but not least, a fine brush to dust of dials
Cyclops and Glue O-Ring Assortments
A Set of different Sizes of Cyclops The Glue: 2 component Seiko S-310 3 Sets of differently sized O-Rings
Silicon Grease for Watches
A must have if you are into vintage watches!

Tools for Quartz Watches

Top View with all the supplied parts at purchase.
According to the shop owner, this was the last one in stock from what he said, is a discontinued station
The Front View with the soldering iron in heating position The Front View with the soldering tip out of the heater. Heating up takes only seconds.
All information is also in the INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE
The Back View. There are two sockets, the little black 2 mm connector to connect to an anti-static ETIC workmat and the Chinch socket that heats the iron INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE
(opens large JPEG, use back button of browser to come back here)
Tools for Quartz Watches and Batteries
Demagnetizer, Multimeter, Bergeon Quartz Crystal Tester
(Update: added inside picture of Demagnetizer and of Quartz Crystal Tester)
Tweezers with plastic Tips (Batteries) and Bergeon Case Opener 4755
 (Update: added picture of successor 6484)
Japan Made Meikosha "MKS" and Bergeon Opener
(Opening hints)
A modified mini Victorinox Knife as a Snap-On Case Opener for small watches

Please follow these links for Spare Movements, Loupes, Bracelet Sizing Tools and Case Openers. You will find them on separate pages