The structure of the book follows the history of the wrist watches. Lots of great pictures, illustrations and old advertisings, movement drawings and so on. I have looked at the table of contents over and over but the structure is not easy to grasp. I found this book best if you have some time and simply open it and read a section, a bit like a coffee table book. A great index of 8 pages makes it however easy to find specific information if you need to. A book for the watch history buff or for any watch enthusiast that is interested how the wrist watch developed during the last century. The book does not only cover very expensive watches. A nice old advertising from CERTINA from 1944 for its "Labora" model (laborare = work) - the watch for the working man, accurate, shock resistant, water resistant, antimagnetic showing a wood worker cutting a tree can be found. Also a Casio Wrist Commander is depicted and of course the book also talks about very exclusive watches with complications.
I think this book offers a very eloquent passage along the history of the wrist watch with some fantastic illustrations and pictures.

520 pages, ISBN 0-7643-0861-0, Schiffer, ca. USD 95 (MSRP in Thailand)