Wristwatches - Armbanduhren - Montres

One of my favorite watch books. In English, French and German. An interesting book because it introduces not only many of the big watch companies, but also explains e.g. how a chronograph works and it contains a great timeline of the development of watches. I use it mostly for references of watch companies that were active before the internet started providing that information. I often find information here that is not (yet) on the net. If you only have the funds for one collector's book, this is the one, trust me! Not only written in 3 languages, but also great information and great pictures and a really great brand index. The authors Brunner and Pfeiffer really created a watch book classic!

512 pages, ISBN 3-8290-0660-8, KOENEMANN, ca. USD 42 (MSRP in Thailand), extremely affordable compared to the Schiffer Collector's books