Wrist Watch Annual 2004 (right)
The Catalog of Producers, Models, and Specifications

I have been buying the wrist watch annual since I joined the online watch community in June 2001. There were many complaints when the format suddenly changed in 2002. Still I guess this is one of the best resources for the watch crazy person. Gives a very nice overview of what is new and not so new. Also some newer or lesser brands are featured at the end of the book. ISBN 0-7892-0803-2 (2004 edition), Abbeville Press Publishers New York - London, ca. USD 37 (MSRP Thailand)

And of course I was very proud that Rob Spayne (www.watchfinder.net) had mentioned www.pmwf.com in a very short list of online watch sites in his editorial "Navigating the World of Watches on the Web" in the 2006 edition. More >>>

A Handbook and Price Guide

A nice alternative to Cooksey's and Shugart's COMPLETE PRICE GUIDE TO WATCHES. Also a lot thinner, the book is nicely structured and gives good samples in each category with price ranges. Prices seem to be higher then those in Shugart. At this stage just a first impression, I just received the book for Christmas. ISBN 0-7643-1901-9 Schiffer Publishing Ltd., USD 27 (MSRP Thailand)

www.pmwf.com is mentioned in the Wrist Watch Annual 2006

"Watch Time" had mentioned PMWF before and now one of the most recognized watch periodicals mentioned www.pmwf.com in their 2006 edition. Please note that the Wristwatch Annual is released ca. November for the following year. Just in time for Christmas I presume.

I have highlighted the line www.pmwf.com ("Poor Man's" Watch Forum) in the middle column which starts with (quote)

[Some of] the more informative and lively forums can be found at
www.pmwf.com ("Poor Man's Watch Forum")

(end quote)