Wrist Watch Annual
The Catalog of Producers, Models, and Specifications

I have been buying the wrist watch annual since I joined the online watch community in June 2001. There were many complaints when the format suddenly changed in 2002. Still I guess this is one of the best resources for the watch crazy person. Gives a very nice overview of what is new and not so new. Also some newer or lesser brands are featured at the end of the book. ISBN 0-7892-0803-2, Abbeville Press Publishers New York - London

The reason for many complaints, the format change from 2001 to 2002. As an example the KELEK pages from 2001 and 2002.

The detailed description of the pre-2002 editions were reduced but what really annoyed buyers was the fact that the model and reference numbers for each depicted watch had simply be dropped!

The reduced descriptions might have been still accepted, but the fact, that the model and reference numbers were dropped, caused quite some disappointment in the watch collector scene. The good news: in 2003, the reference numbers are back! Makes it so much easier also to find information about a watch online!

Abbeville Press Publishers New York - London

ISBN 2003: 0-7892-0762-1

ISBN 2002: 0-7892-0739-7

ISBN 2001: 0-7892-0666-8