Kritaya thought this was the new Wrist Watch Annual, thus I got unexpectedly a WATCHES INTERNATIONAL 2004 annual. The WI annual by Tourbillion press focuses on expensive watches and features some brands that never make it into the Wrist Watch Annual. Both annuals seem to complement each other to some degree while WATCHES INTERNATIONAL definitely favors some of the designs from people in the fashion industry and I also found quite a lot new watch brands by fashion designers. Well, at some stage the buying spree of Richemont (Cartier) and LVMH must show some synergies. For the bad or good of the watch industry, I leave that up to you to judge ;-)

In my eyes, this is a valuable substitute or addition to the WRIST WATCH ANNUAL, especially if you are into dress watches. ISBN 0-8478-2614-7, Tourbillion Press. Interestingly about 40% cheaper in Thailand (THB 995) then the Wrist Watch Annual (THB 1695) whether this allows to conclude that the WATCHES INTERNATIONAL annual receives more watch industry money I do not know ... ;-)