Simplified Mechanical Watch Repair for Profit by Dan Gendron
An Illustrated Guide

USD 69.95 seems like a very high price for a paper back. However this is not just a textbook, but an illustrated guide. The 275 illustrations are in black and white, most of them photos of a reasonable quality, so you can actually see what you ought to see. The text is written a very large font, a text only page only contains 16 to 18 lines. A sample page of the book is here on the comparison page. One good thing about Gendron's book is certainly that he uses a very simple language every layman understands. One of the reasons he says to write his book. Indeed the watch glossary at the beginning of the book, thanks to the very large font, goes on until page 92, is useful and without "techno-speak and jibber-jabber" (author's words).
The structure in the book is chronological of what you would need and do to service a basic watch movement. However, there is no table of contents and much worse, there is no index. And for that price, that ought to have been added. The idea of the author was, that you pick up his book, go through the watch glossary, skip the terms you already understand and then follow the steps for servicing a basic watch movement chronologically. The illustrations are great and where Michael Watter's book could use an additional illustration maybe, here you will find almost each and every single step illustrated!

Paperback, 274 pages, Press: Dan Gendron Horology, first published 2003, ISBN 0-9728649-4-6