Practical Watch Repair by Donald de Carle, FBHI

USD 29.99 is a really great price for this very comprehensive watch repair resource. To me, this is my favorite of my watch repair books. The first edition was printed in 1946! The third edition is from 1969 and this is what has been reprinted every year lately. A great testimony for a watch repair book that celebrates its 60th anniversary.
There are 320 pages in the book, over (drawings, beautiful ones too) 550 illustrations. If you first open the book, then you are immediately reminded of an antique book, where author and illustrator and typographer really took the time to create something very pleasing to the eye.
Looking at the last revision of 1969 lets you assume, that you will find nothing about Quartz watches in the detailed index. The Accutron tuning fork watches are the last technological high-light of watch making covered in this book.

The book covers all aspects of watch making, the bench, the tools, watch timing machines (and some great illustrations how to interpret their graphs) and of course all steps of watch repair. It covers e.g. how to change the curvature of the (Breguet's invention) overcoil of the hairsrping and you will be surprised how much detail the author dedicated to each aspect of watch repair.

De Carle passed away in 1989 and has published a variety of books and he was also a contributor to the British Encyclopedia. A picture of the table of contents is below the cover picture.

A really great table of contents, and this is only page 1 of 2!
I know this picture is a bit blurry, but that is intentional, I do respect copyrights and the idea is to give you an impression about the great structure of this book.
Also the index at the end of the book is very detailed. A greatly structured watch book!

Bound Hardcover, 325 pages, NAG Press, first published 1946, ISBN 07 19800307, USD 29.99