There are not too many books about Omega. This book walks you through the history of the Omega watches and their calibers. You will find a table to date your movement by serial number. All Omega calibers are introduced and deviation from a main caliber, e.g. 550, 551 etc. are explained. For an Omega collector definitely a very valuable book. Very nice are also the historic Omega advertisings found throughout the book. In addition you find great pictures of many Omegas and also pictures of some really rare limited editions, e.g. a Seamaster with a nice enamel dial. I am mentioning this, because a friend of mine found such a watch and thanks to this book I was able to say it is an authentic Omega. Had I only seen the watch with the rather unusual ship enamel dial, I would have probably thought this was the fantasy product of an illegal watch copycat. The sea around the sailing ship has the typical Chinese lines, that would have probably raised my suspicion. But, the watch is genuine and depicted on a page with another 4 very rare Omega designs. Definitely a great book for Omega enthusiasts.

224 pages, ISBN 0-7643-0058-X, Schiffer, USD 70 (MSRP in Thailand)