A great Book to start with ...

This is a great book to start, not only because it contains a lot of instructions, but also because it contains an introductory chapter about how to equip your workbench or watchmaking workshop. Of course I am going to respect the copyrights of the author and not copy parts of the book. But I think the author will be happy if I provide a small review about its very useful contents. I have read this book many times, often looked up information when I got stuck servicing a movement or when I was not sure what to remove next from a movement. Michael Watters offers a step by step guide on how to disassemble and reassemble a watch movement (a typical 15 Jewels lever movement). Please have a look at the second picture below for the table of contents.

Also discusses the SEIKO Kinetic movement, a hybrid technology combining a mechanical and a Quartz movement (originally the AutoQuartz as the Kinetic movement is called by ETA, Swatch Group was a joint research project between German, the Netherlands and Switzerland). Plus other types of Quartz watches and how they are adjusted.

Bound Hardcover, 160 pages, Crowood Press, first published 1999, ISBN 1 86126 233 7, GPB 18.99 (ca. USD 34, September 2004)

The book also contains great hints where to find watch manuals, oiling charts and a lot more very practical information. I believe that this book is a great starting point for your hopefully most enjoyable journey into the more technical and central regions of watch land.