by Eric Bruton

Mr. Burton takes that "history" part of the title seriously! At first, I had some problems to really get into this book because of the very small print. But then I started to put the book into a huge zip lock plastic bag and took it along to the British Club's swimming pool. There I enjoyed reading during swim breaks and after lunch. This was when I started to realize what a great time related history book this was.
I learned about the strong relationship of time and prayers (Gregorian chants) and that it was the church that had a great interest in developing better timing instruments. Of course for the seafarer's having a good timing device was always crucial. But I had not been aware how much influence there was in the history of clocks because the church wanted to make sure that the prayer times were followed properly. This is just one of the many facets of the history of time and clocks and watches Mr. Burton elaborates.
I also enjoyed pages 188 ff were interesting where Mr. Burton explains how the early mass produced clocks and wrist watches made an impact on society and wearer's habits. If you are a time or watch nut with a broad historical and cultural interest, then this is definitely a must read book.

I apologize for not remembering the price, but I remember that it was not as expensive as Schiffer Press books here in Thailand