Hard to get more book value for USD 29.95. You get a wealth of information, countless lists, drawings, list of markings, lists watch manufacturers, movement grading and then of course the reference section that lists typical models for each major brand including a minimal, average and top price. Please note that there are people that say that Shugart's prices are 30% to 50% too low compared to the prices normally asked at watch fairs. It is probably a "buyers guide" rather then a "sellers guide". Regardless whether or not the prices reflect the "right" market prices, this is a must have watch book and even if you buy only one year, I am sure you will love it and not regret it.

As you can see, I bought the price guide only every second year only

Just as an example for the wealth of information contained in the Shugart as the watch price guide is normally called in the watch community, I have listed three typical pages. There are a lot more pages that would typically describe the content of the Shugart, but I do not want to violate copyright by publishing photographs showing too much of the content. Just to show you a very small fraction of what you find: watch knowledge that explains the basic functions, e.g. a great page about the gear train. Please note that the hand coloring of the top left gear train illustration has been made by myself during studying. Another great example is e.g. a comprehensive list of ELGIN movements. There are many of these lists (pocket watches) that make this book also an important historic reference. The main section is the reference section where each brand's models are depicted with reference number, serial number, numbers of jewels and a low, medium and high price (depending on condition) for a given model:

The gear train illustration (top left) has been handcolored by me while studying it, all illustrations are black and white

Over 1100 pages, each year about 20 additional pages, 2005 edition: 1'173 pages, Tinder Box Press, ISBN 1-57432-459-4, USD 29.95.