AUTOMATIC Wristwatches from Germany, England, France, Japan, Russia, & the USA

Like for the Swiss Automatic volume, the reason to buy this book is probably the "Automatic Catalog (by manufacturers)". Although the catalogue covers only movements until the late 70ies, it is a great reference. The watches are depicted from the front, the open back with and without rotor. Each manufacturer's movement history is summarized in a table.
What I loved most about this book, is the interesting brief history about the history of watchmaking in non-Swiss countries. Growing up in Switzerland might have "distorted" my view a little bit. I was not aware this book existed and I am more then happy to have found it finally and to be able to add long due knowledge about Non-Swiss watch developments.
I have only quickly flipped through the pages, but it is looks like I bought the right book. Just some facts I found that I did not know:

In addition, I finally got movement pictures of Seikos, Citizens, Poljots, watches that were manufactured before the internet was dominating our lives. I had sometimes spent hours looking for information on older movements. I guess the time saved plus the connection fees will easily pay for this book.

216 pages, ISBN 0-7643-0379-1, Schiffer, ca. USD 95 (MSRP in Thailand)