WS 22: Servicing a SEIKO 7005 including replacing the balance

The pictures shows the desired filling level of the tank. There is also a small sticker on the front right of the machine reminding that overfilling could lead to spilling. Lack of waterless cleansing solution available in Thailand, we use a pretty strong (smelling) water based solution that requires some rinses afterwards to get rid of any rest water. Also note that the basket should not be entirely submersed into the liquid. The small parts will initially float (the shamrock spring of the balance shock protection is one of those) and you do not want small parts leaving the cleaning baskets.

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The rinsing liquid can be re-used a couple of times. Especially if the movements are not that dirty. You can easily check the sedimentation at the bottom of the tank after the cleaning. You will have to check the bottom of the tank carefully for small parts that might have left the baskets anyway. I prefer a second check, the filter of the funnel to pour the cleansing liquid back into the bottle for future use.