WS 22: Servicing a SEIKO 7005 including replacing the balance

The small parts are now ready for the bath. Let us have a look at the big parts basket. The idea of separating the big and small parts is that during the vibration of the ultra-sonic bath, small parts could be "crushed" by the weight of the much larger parts. You find the escape wheel and lever fork (left), the gear plate (center), the lever plate (croissant shaped below triangular gear plate), screws, the balance wheel (top right), the gear wheels (brass color). The two teethed wheels at the center bottom are the wheel with the special tooth shape (marked orange on the Magic Lever page) and the bigger wheel below it, is the barrel arbor wheel, the last wheel that transmits winding force to the mainspring. The long spring that lays diagonally between balance wheel and lever plate is the click spring for the main barrel.

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