WS 22: Servicing a SEIKO 7005 including replacing the balance

As suggested by my tutor, I arranged the parts according to their function on a piece of laser printer paper. This layout makes it easier to check and also facilitates the assembly of the movement. Again, please note that the winding system is not completely disassembled and also the calendar mechanism has been cleaned while still being assembled.
The oxidation stains on the rotor did not go away, they "ate' into the rotor surface. Not a big deal since this Seiko has no display back. So only I will know, and of course you, that have read so far ;-)
Otherwis I was happy with my "laundry" - the parts looked shiny and clean! Except for the barrel and spring, that still looked a bit dirty... but more about that later. First, I was tricked by the shape of the hairspring that seemed to have magically returned to a perfect curvature as the next picture suggests.

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