WS 22: Servicing a SEIKO 7005 including replacing the balance

Let us continue with the disassembly. The picture below shows the movement with the balance removed and offers a nice view of the back end of the lever fork. Also the left pallet jewel is visible. The next step will be to remove the top bridge holding the automatic winding system.
The top plate's three screws are unscrewed and then you will normally need a pair of brass tweezers to loosen it. The area near the SEIKO inscription is probably a good starting point. There you could then also hold the bridge with the (softer) brass tweezers to lift it up. I turned it over for the picture of the next page. Be careful, the center wheel (brass) visible near the rotor thread is pretty fragile. Holding the bridge near the "EI" of the SEIKO is safe.

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