WS 22: Servicing a SEIKO 7005 including replacing the balance

I had better luck then Rob who found his dial glued to the dial side of the movement. The dial feet had been cut and the dial had simply been glued to the cover plate of the calendar and setting mechanism. As Rob states, glue or super glue (Elephant brand) is a common repair tool around Asia leaving the headaches for future watch repairers!
You can see that brass spring with a shamrock shape, that is the dial side of the balance shock protection. It is accessible from the dial side after the hands and the dial are removed. I will later make a reference to this accessibility of the cap jewel of the shock protection.
The spring (only the tip is visible) that "kicks" the date wheel forward can be found at the date 10. The cover sheet of the setting and calendar mechanism is held by 4 tiny screws near the dates 29, 25, 8 and 16. The next picture will show the dial side with the cover removed.

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