WS 19: Servicing a SEIKO Chronograph 6138

In the mean time the "small parts" basket's content has steadily increased. The movement is now almost entirely stripped. I think because that bridge is rather thin and also contains a couple of fragile levers that are riveted to it, Rob has placed it into this basket with the smaller parts. Now you also see the minute wheel counter (the golden wheel with the two openings from the previous picture) at ca. 6:00 in the basket showing its typical heart shape back that is used to reset the minute sub dial hand. The heart shape is often used to reset hands. Hands normally fly back to the zero position counter clock-wise if the hands position was between 0 and 29, and clock-wise if the hands position was between 31 and 59. If the hand is exactly at 30, then the reset lever will basically sit at the heart's pointed tip and it is rather a coincidence which path the hand will make to the zero position.

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