WS 19: Servicing a SEIKO Chronograph 6138

Rob concentrated, continuing the disassembly. Next to the desktop lamp you see the blue case press, two covers containing parts of other watches being serviced, the item that looks like a hotel bell is the cap jewel oiler - Matt V. posted a nice article about this tool in the PMWF Archive - and in front of the "bell" the bank with a black, yellow and green oiler. The little red tool on the right is a HOROTEC hands pressing tool, you will find a loupe and the Bergeon watchmaker's screwdriver kit on the right lower side. The top plate is laying on the work pad, and soon I was going to interrupt Rob again for a picture of the movement with the top plate removed. This picture will be shown after the cleansing process. But before we look at the cleansing machine, let us have one more look into the small parts basket.

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