WS 19: Servicing a SEIKO Chronograph 6138

Rob immediately said "This wheel is wrong!" and luckily in his rather large stash of 6138 parts, he had a couple of the correct wheels. Here you see the correct wheel inserted and the "wrong" wheel from a SEIKO Automatic caliber. Just shows how valid a stock of spare parts is to finish a project swiftly.

In this picture you also see the two levers on each side of the vertical clutch (very center of the movement) that lift and lower the vertical clutch. While the vertical clutch can not be disassembled, you will see some detail pictured of a disassembled vertical clutch. Since the chrono wheel and vertical clutch are the most hard to find spare parts for this chronograph, Rob had disassembled a vertical clutch before to see whether he could assemble one from spares. But Rob says, it is not possible, thus the chrono wheel and vertical clutch remain the most looked after spares. Often Rob encountered in broken 6138 he bought at the watch graveyard, that exactly those wheels were defect. A fact that could only be discovered after dismantling the spare part supplying movements.

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