WS 19: Servicing a SEIKO Chronograph 6138

The major components of the ultrasonic washing: the cleaning machine with the reddish cleaning mixture, above with the red skull, the Methyl Alcohol that is used to rinse the parts afterwards to remove any rest of water. Also the bottle of rinsing lighter fuel. Not used in this project, but in interesting, a SEIKO S-14 one-piece case opener to remove crystal with tension rings. Only partially visible, one of those most valuable aluminum boxes containing 6139 and 6138 spares. Please scroll down for a close up of the two baskets in the cleansing machine.

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Important: while lowering the parts basket slowly and carefully into the mixture, it is advisable to check carefully that no floating parts are leaving the baskets. Also after the cleaning, the liquid needs to be checked carefully. Imagine that ca. 1 mm diameter cap jewel with 0.3 mm thickness floating in that "soup" - so double checking really pays off here.
Pushing the "On" button and the machine will vibrate the parts with ultrasonic waves and the special cleaning mixture will remove specks, oil rests, rust and dirt from the movement parts. With this specific cleansing machine - an inexpensive ultrasonic cleaner used in optician shops to clean glasses (that is why it has this oval shape) the cleaning process lasts 3 minutes.
The cleaning solution consists mainly of water plus the pretty "sharp" locally made cleansing liquid. The mixture is 1:9, one part cleansing solution and 9 parts water.