WS 19: Servicing a SEIKO Chronograph 6138

This picture is not simply a repetition of a previous picture. The first picture showing the back of the watch with the automatic winding system removed shows a movement with some dirt. Now all parts are shining. This was the first reason to include this picture.
The second reason is to demonstrate how few and tiny parts Seiko needs to power this movement. Yes, the movement is a bit elevated in this picture because it sits on the movement pad. But think about this for a while. So few parts on the right provide the bi-directional winding momentum for the colossus on the left. I think this pictures underlines the ingenious design of the magic lever very well.
Already the last picture of the movement, and only two more watch pictures to come. If you had the patience to read so far, then I have to congratulate you. It is not everybody's cup of tea to look at movement pictures.

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