WS 19: Servicing a SEIKO Chronograph 6138

In the mean time the second batch of parts has been cleaned in the cleaning machine and here you see all the 6138 parts laid out for drying. Now it is time for a break before we will continue with the assembly.
On this picture you also see the opened main spring barrel. The cover just above it contains the chronograph hour wheel I have been mentioning before.
In the lower right corner of this layout, the most complexe part of the movement: the chronograph plate with wheels and levers mounted fix with rivets, making servicing this caliber easier.
At the bottom of the picture you can clearly recognize the shamrock sized spring(s) - only one in the picture - and the cap jewels (the little ruby disks, purple "dots") of the shock protection. The chatons (lower part) of the shock assembly are upside down next to the cap jewels. The escape wheel sits just above the right most chaton. The escapement fork lays next to the chronograph wheel - vertical clutch assembly. Then again easy to find, the very big balance wheel with the now very shiny hairspring.

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