WS 9: Replacing the main spring of a Rolex Caliber 1570

The rotor has now been turned to free the view of the balance. And I do not think my hands have been shaking when I took this picture, the watch is still running as you can clearly see from the blurred hairspring. Of course, there will be more close-ups from the watch wound down later.

Maybe a repetition at this step. If you work on a watch, you want it to be turned down. How to unwind a watch movement? It is not as complicated as you might think. But having three hands would be nice. So I suggest for this step, the movement to be fixed in a movement holder. Now located the click that prevents the winding from turning back, normally found next to the stem. Then wind the crown button a little bit, this will disengage the click. Use your left or right hand - depending on your preference and the wood to hold the click in the disengaged position. Your other thumb and index are still holding the crown button. Now if the click is in the disengaged position, your thumb and index slowly release the pressure on the crown button until feel the button slowly turning. Continue to unwind the main spring until the crown button does not turn anymore. Now your main spring is unwound, the watch will have stopped to beat and you are ready to go on with your work. This step is necessary for almost all watch works. Also if you simply remove the dial and hands. You can put on the hands while the watch is still beating, but the second hand will be risky to put back on. Thus this unwinding procedure makes always sense.

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