WS 9: Replacing the main spring of a Rolex Caliber 1570

Now with the perfect winding, I can finally and really enjoy this vintage beauty! With a full power reserve over 44 hours too! Thanks to my experienced tutor, this repair was inexpensive and lots of fun. Of course finding this really damaged spring throws a not very good light on "Leng Naliga's" watchmakers. They should not have sold the watch in this condition. And also I should have noticed this in the shop. But normally one winds just a couple of turns to see whether the watch immediately starts ticking. Lesson learned: always wind a watch fully (I prefer winding for 30 seconds over 30 turns). Wind it until you hear an additional sound that comes from the overwinding protection clutch. It is normally a slightly higher pitch and quite easy to recognize. Overwinding protection clutches were introduced in automatic calibers in the 70ies. If the crown button suddenly stops when you are winding, then stop. Do not overwind the spring. "Old people and young children are the watches' worst enemies" is a saying I remember from my childhood. Clearly created before the introduction of winding clutches.

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok, September 2004

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