WS 9: Replacing the main spring of a Rolex Caliber 1570

As you can see, there is a little bit of corrosion on the inside of the case next to the watermark. However, using a brass rust brush, the corrosion proved to be not serious enough to diminish my love for this great Oldie.
Again the remark that Rolex and Tudor skirted case screws need to turned clock-wise to be open, so just against your intuition. After the stem is removed, turn the movement, place it on a movement pad and then turn the pad and watch over. Now you can simply lift off the case and the movement will lay on the movement pad. This is the softest method I know and I think most practitioners used because it also avoids leaving prints on the movement. During the work on the movement, most people wear so called finger cots, little "condoms" that pack the tip of your thumb, index and middle finger, also most like on your left hand, while the right hand holds screwdrivers etc. You find a picture of finger cots on this page.

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